10 reasons why bespoke website design is for your small business

10 reasons why bespoke website design is the face of your small business and why even Google uses it

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When you start a small business, it’s easy to measure your revenue. If you buy a product to resell, you know what your margins are. You know what your ROI will be. But when it comes to website design, often business owners find it harder to see why it’s important.

Bespoke website design means that your website is unique, different from other websites in existence and not simply created using a standard template. These websites are designed keeping in mind various factors such as the type of business, location, customer base, the goal of business etc.

Even Google uses a bespoke website design.

You Google for everything. It’s a high probability that you found this article by doing a Google search. Google Inc- the company, is one of the biggest software companies on earth. If you might have noticed, Google has very specific and standardized designs for its websites and software products.

Be it Google Search, Gmail, Youtube or Google Maps, all their websites look kind of similar. Their font has the same style, the buttons have similar shapes, the color looks alike. That’s because Google has its own design principals, its own guide to bespoke website design named design.google .

So why does a small business need bespoke website design?

OK, so your business isn’t as big as Google. Heck, even your neighbor doesn’t know your business exists. So why would you need it, right?

Lets Find out.

1. Gives credibility to your business.

Most businesses have a website. As a result, customers look for a business online before making their purchasing decision. It is the website of a business that wins or looses the customer for them.

Even businesses that already have websites can still leave bad impressions on web consumers.
Think about when you have come across old websites or multiple websites that look the same…

Old design and layouts. Poor use of images, fonts, and color. Spelling mistakes. The look and feel of a bad website.
You have probably clicked away every time you encounter one of these old-fashioned sites.

And unfortunately, a lot of small business owners fall for this because they don’t have the skills nor the time to design a functional website.

Beautiful bespoke website design is like the first impression that your business makes on your prospective customer. It is here that you prove your credibility.

Fortunately, there are multiple companies that can help you by building a bespoke website specifically for your needs.

2. Develops your Brand

When people think about branding, they usually think about a unique logo.
It’s true that a logo plays a big part in a company’s image. But there are various other factors that will create your brand. Nike, has a simple yet unique logo. But what comes into mind when we see the logo, its their shoes- the color, shape, design, quality.

A brand is the signature of a business. It’s what people see and stays in their mind. Customers connect themselves to the brand. Supreme is a very good modern example of how branding can help a company grow their business.

Famous brands are easily identifiable by their logo, color, font and design.

It is branding, that makes a business stand out in the crowd. It’s the unique personality that consumers come to know and trust.

Logo, Fonts, Color, Images are the primary tools of creating your business’s unique brand.

3. Does Marketing for your business

The days of billboard and radio advertisements are long gone.
Whenever a person searches anything online, they get a long list of websites to click on.

People often open multiple websites that provide similar products and goes for the one that they think is the best. This is the time when a bespoke website design can attract the person and keep them engaged in it. The more they interact with the website, they become more inclined to the business.

SEO comes in handy here. It is the process by which Google and other search engine determines how useful is a website to a person by calculating the number of people visiting the website and spending time in it.

4. Provides advantage over competitors

Most of your competitors either have a website or is thinking of creating one.
Competition in business is fiercely digital these days. A bespoke website design gives you a fair chance to move up a step from your competitors.

Those businesses that don’t have a website simply can’t compete with the companies that do. Internet-aware consumers are only going to see businesses that have websites.

Even if your competitors already have a web presence, a beautifully designed custom website will give you the chance to outshine them.

5. Control your business

With a bespoke websites, small business owners are at the wheel. You can drive and control what people see and how your business is perceived.

Analytics is the powerhouse of a website. You can easily see the location of your website’s audience, what time they visited the site, what device they are using to view your website, what they searched for to get there and what page they visited.

This is useful for small business owners. There are less guesswork and more concrete evidence on people’s behavior, their thought patterns and their preference.

A bespoke website helps the small business owner to get their message, mission, and personality in front of their target audience faster than print ads or snail mail brochures.

Google Analytics provides one of the best analytics service for websites.

6. A Website is always open

Nobody works at 3 a.m., but some people like to shop then. Having a bespoke business website means that you can showcase your products all the time — not simply between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

While you enjoy your time with your family and friends your website is online 24 hours, every day doing your work for you. A robust hosting service gurantees a website never close down.

A bespoke website is your place of business that doesn’t close, ever.

People online have the freedom to buy product or services from anywhere, anytime.

7. Expand your business into new territories

You might be a local market leader but what about the next town or city. Do you want to expand your business to your neighboring district. A bespoke website gives you the opportunity to grow your business beyond your physical location.

Various companies have a monopoly over a market but dissatisfied customers are always looking out for alternative. Be a bookshop, a grocery store or a musician, consumers are out looking for a better price, better product, service or quality.

A business with a bespoke website will get customers from all over. It’s up to the business owner to provide their product or service wherever they wish to. A business with a bespoke website has the world as its market.

8. Saves money for the business

A bespoke website can save you money on printing marketing material. Everything that you print can now be provided on your website.

Do you want to showcase your service? You need a brochure for that, right? WRONG. You just need a beautifully designed bespoke website to make people aware.

Are you offering discount coupons? No problem, you can offer a discount on your website and get more prospective customers in the process.

Want to sell your own books, music, paintings, home cleaning services, collect donations, raise funds for startups. Well a website will do everything for you.

With the right marketing campaign, you can have targeted audience on your offer in no time.

If you build a large subscriber list you can save money on flyers, brochures, business cards, traveling, meetings etc.

Providing your services online also saves your money on monthly rent, office bills, staff salaries and other daily expenses.

9. Instant customer support

With a bespoke website, you are always connected to your customers. Options like live chat, business email, Social Media links, phone number and location information are available in the website so that your customer can instantly get in touch with you.

Customers can read product or service description, FAQs, client’s testimonials, pricing, recommendations, to guide themselves to make a intelligent marketing decision.

Better customer service and support not only keeps your customers happy but, it also makes your customers recommend your business to their relatives and friends.

10. Potential for growth

With a strong online customer base, you can test out new ideas for your business. You can test new ideas and visitors can tell you right away if your new campaign is working or not.

Do not waste your money on a potentially bad idea. As a business owner you can always test your ideas out with real people, that are likely your potential clients.

You can also easily test what works the best for your customers and what doesn’t.

Gradually grow your business by testing new business ideas in your bespoke website.


If you are still wondering why small businesses need a bespoke website, I hope you have got enough reasons to get your business online.

But it’s not enough to have a website if it is not professional or it doesn’t have a good design.

Your website should reflect your brand, your values and help your visitor to become your customers. A bespoke website design takes into consideration multiple factors to create an edge for you in the market.

Hopefully, you can see from the article, that it’s important to have a bespoke website designed with strategy in mind, so it can support your marketing efforts and help your business to grow.